New Booster Housing

We have designed a new booster housing that will use the spring/piston/cap from your Liberty booster. This new housing is lighter and will relocate the entire assembly deeper into the tube. This new housing will be offered in 2 sizes, 1.375 and 1.500 to fit our tubes. This will eliminate the need for booster bushings and booster adapters.  We are also going to be releasing a entire booster assembly. You will see these complete boosters sometime around end of May


We are taking every precaution available in stopping the spread of Covid-19  All packages and contents going out the door are being sanitized with both chlorine bleach and alcohol based solutions. The shipping department is required to wear  proper PPE  with no exceptions.


Cerakote finish

Cerakote finish is now available for our products.

Titanium anodize finish

We are now offering anodize finish for our titanium products. Sorry, black is not a option.

Grit Blast Finish

We are now offering grit blast finish for our titanium / aluminum / stainless products.


 Dividers are available as individual purchase

3 types to choose from  contact support for more information


Please support@dmsolventtraps.com for answering any questions and sales@dmsolventtraps.com for placing orders


Giveaway Drawing

Congratulation Tim J !!!  Winner of the April drawing receiving coupon for $100.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Email “Giveaway Drawing” along with your name to sales@dmsolventtraps.com and you will be entered to win. The winning name will be randomly picked at the end of the month. The prize for the May drawing will be $100 store credit.


Shipping Times 

All orders are being processed as soon as possible but please note we are dealing with higher volumes than ever before. Spacers and single line orders will process quicker than complete kits and multiple line orders. In general, large orders can take several weeks to complete vs. a single spacer might be about a week.